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Government Launches National Consultation on ‘Reopening’

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.02.04.

A new national consultation survey will be launched in February on “issues regarding reopening,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Thursday.

The prime minister noted that coronavirus-related restrictions in Hungary were based on the results of a National Consultation survey, ensuring a “stable” system based on joint efforts made together with the general public. While crisis management in western Europe consisted of alternating periods of restrictions and easing measures, “which could cost hundreds of lives,” the Hungarian system has been in place since November, he said.

“The new economic era will be ushered in by the wide-spread use of the vaccine,” he said.

After the survey, “decisions can be made effective March 1 and April 1, or April 3 which is Easter,” Orbán said.

Anti-Restriction Demonstrations Fail to Cause Mass Reopening in Hungary
Anti-Restriction Demonstrations Fail to Cause Mass Reopening in Hungary

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“If we are disciplined and adhere to the regulations, our lives may be freer from then on,” he said.

featured image illustration via Sándor Ujvári/MTI