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Government Launches HUF 600m “Pro-Family” Information Campaign To Encourage Childbirth

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.09.

The government has decided to launch an information campaign to make clear that Hungarian reforms are working well and that the country has benefited from having chosen its own path and rejecting austerity measures proposed by international organisations.

The aim of the campaign, starting in the next few days and lasting until the end of September, is to highlight family and tax policy reforms, among others, using billboards, the media and the internet, Zoltán Kovács, the government spokesman, said. The spokesman added that a sum of 600 million forints, or 1.9 million euros, is available for the information campaign. Kovács said it was clear from the past few years that the path chosen by Hungary was paying dividends. He underlined the fact that the Hungarian economy has grown by more than 10% since 2010, which, he said, in itself gives grounds for optimism. Mr.Kovács dismissed the suggestion that the information campaign is in response to a recent billboard campaign that has been critical of the government’s migration policies. Concerning Hungary’s ban under which retail outlets are closed on Sundays, Kovács said that if there is indeed a loophole in the legislation, the law may be tightened up.

The campaign’s aim will be to inform the population and shape public thinking on issues such as the demographic crisis, Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog said at a background discussion, pointing out that the PR drive will carry no anti-gay messages. The government provides such a broad array of family benefits that those in question often do not know what they are entitled for and the cabinet wants to improve awareness in the field, he said.

The campaign will also highlight the role of parents, brothers and grandparents and its ultimate goal will be to encourage couples to have desired or planned children. The government is also launching a separate website, csalá, to support the campaign.

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