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Government: Hungary Will Not Take Back A Single Migrant

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.01.15.

Hungary’s government spokesman has made clear that the country will not take back a single migrant intended to be sent back as these people “did not parachute into Hungary” but travelled thousands of kilometres by land, and did not first enter the territory of the European Union in Hungary.

Speaking on the evening programme of the public service television news channel M1 on Thursday, Zoltán Kovács argued that it is enough to take a look at the map to realise that this is a fact.


Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács (photo: Árpád Kurucz/

The spokesman for the Hungarian cabinet  found it unacceptable that certain countries only apply the asylum regulations when it suits them. Hungary, by contrast, has consistently observed international law throughout, he added.

Mr. Kovács reiterated János Lázár’s words spoken at this year’s first Governmentinfo weekly press conference. The Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said that illegal migration can be controlled as long as the fence is in place at the border of Hungary. The Minister further pointed out that without the fence, events similar to the Cologne incidents could also have taken place in Hungary.

Earlier this month, Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg announced that the country is intending to deport approximately 4-5000 asylum-seekers back to other European countries, including some 860 to Hungary, under Dublin refugee rules.