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Government Friendly Think Tank: Survey Shows Fidesz-KDNP Most Popular Political Party

By Tom Szigeti // 2017.07.03.

According to a recently-released survey by the government-friendly Nézőpont Institute, the ruling Fidesz-KDNP coalition enjoys the support of 30% of voters.

The results of the study, commissioned by pro-government daily paper Magyar Idők, show that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán‘s governing coalition has more support than all other political parties combined. The survey results come less than a year before next year’s general election.

At the same time, however, 27% of survey respondents refused to choose a party at all, or refused to choose one while indicating a preference “to replace the government.”

Among all opposition parties, the two with the highest levels of support were the far-right Jobbik party (which has attempted to shift toward the center in recent years) at 11%, and the left-wing Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) at 7%.

3% of survey respondents expressed a preference for Leftist opposition group Democratic Coalition, headed by former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, while green party LMP also received 3%.

The newly-formed Momentum Movement, which came to prominence earlier this year through its campaign for a referendum on Budapest’s since-withdrawn Olympic bid, is supported by 2% of respondents.

The opposition Együtt, Liberal and Dialogue parties, as well as the satirical Kétfarkú Kutya (Two-tailed Dog) each have 1% of public support, according to Nézőpont.

Based on these results, the think tank concluded that, elections were held next weekend, Fidesz would likely garner 41% percent of all votes, Jobbik 23%, MSZP 15%, and DK 5%. LMP and Momentum would each get 4%, Kétfarkú Kutya 3%, while Együtt would recieve 2%; and Dialogue and the Liberals would win just 1% each.

Nézőpont polled a representative sample of 2,000 people in the survey between June 2 and 18. The margin of error is 2.2%, meaning that actual results could be up to 2.2% higher or lower than the numbers listed.

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