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Government Commissioner Shares More Info On Hungary’s “Internet Consultation”

Tamás Székely 2015.04.09.

Six topics have emerged as themes to be discussed as part of Hungary’s national consultation on the internet, the government commissioner in charge of the consultation told a news conference. Tamás Deutsch said that the topics that emerged in a preliminary consultation on internet users include affordable services, developing digital competences, universal access to the world wide web, data protection, use of technology to support the economy and ensuring high-quality services and content.

Speaking about technology to support the economy, he noted possibilities such as support for startups, getting small and medium-sized firms involved in developing the broadband network and supporting the presence of smaller firms on the internet using European Union funds. The commissioner also mentioned possible tax breaks in connection with spreading internet use in Hungary. Hungary’s national consultation on the internet was launched at the start of February at www.internetkon.hu.

Last November, following a mass demonstration over a planned internet tax, Deutsch said the national consultation on the internet would concern how to maximise freedom for net users and ensure the widest and cheapest access. He said the consultation would not be about an internet tax because “there won’t be one”. Tamás Deutsch added that Hungary’s 7.5 million internet users would be able to participate, though the government would also seek to reach those citizens who have yet to hook up to the world wide web. He said among the most important opinions would be those of young people.

Meanwhile in the United States the proposal of the US-version of internet tax, also knows as “Net Neutrality Act”, has provoked harsh debates among decision-makers.

via hungarymatters.hu and internetkon.hu photo: InternetKon facebook page