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Government Commissioner: Cycle Path Between Budapest And Vienna Could Be Built

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.08.04.

A Hungarian government commissioner has hinted at the possibility of building a bicycle path connecting Budapest with the Austrian capital, some 250 kilometres in length.

revesz-mariusz168-d0001B6279bd93b692a8dMr. Révész, a founding member of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, was appointed government commissioner for active leisure activities in June (photo: 168ora.hu)

Máriusz Révész, whose portfolio includes the development and popularisation of cycling, said on public television on Wednesday evening that bicycle paths to be constructed should follow routes actually used by people. In his estimate, a bicycle path connecting the Hungarian and Austrian capital would be used by 200 000 cyclists annually and generate revenue up to HUF 4-5 billion.

376196_szombathelyi_kerekparut_a_9gag_enThis botched bike path in Szombathely was recently featured on 9gag

Mr. Révész said that the government is planning major investments in the construction of bicycle paths in the region of Dunakeszi, a suburb north of Budapest, in the Tokaj wine region, between Hungary’s second city of Debrecen and Nagyvárad (Oradea) on the Romanian side of the border, and connecting the capital with Lake Balaton.

The government commissioner emphasised the importance of cooperation with cyclists’ organisations and said that these groups should be partners in identifying routes which will actually be used by cyclists.

Currently, the Lake Fertő, Lake Balaton, Lake Tisza and Budapest regions have the most dense network of bicycle paths in the country.

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cover photo: blikk.hu

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