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Governing Party: EU Has Adopted Hungary’s Migration Policies At Brussels Summit

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.03.09.

At last, the European Union is standing for what the Hungarian state has been represeting all along, according to a leading politician for Hungary’s ruling party.

Commenting on yesterday’s EU-Turkey summit, Gergely Gulyás, deputy leader of the governing conservative Fidesz party’s parliamentary group, said that this standpoint is that the European Union’s external borders must be closed and the Schengen Agreement has to be respected. However, a well-functioning cooperation with Turkey is in the interest of all of us but a bad deal with Turkey is not in our interest, he pointed out.

For this reason, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán argued in Brussels that the agreement with Turkey cannot be concluded in this form, he revealed. Several questions still have to be clarified, he said, stressing that the current agreement carries the danger of “turning illegal migration into legal migration”. The unbridled legalised resettlement of Syrians in exchange for illegal immigrant Syrian citizens is “expressly dangerous”, he claimed.

Mr. Gulyás explained that the Hungarian government remains “radically opposed” to all forms of resettlement to Europe and redistribution within the continent because the arrival of masses of immigrants is a serious danger to Europe, stressing that Hungarian support for any form of non-voluntary quotas or distribution mechanism is out of questions. Migration routes across the Balkans have to be closed and illegal immigrants deported, the deputy leader of the ruling party’s parliamentary group said at the press conference.