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Giant Photo Gallery: Gourmet Festival Held in Budapest!

Tom Szigeti 2017.05.22.

Last week, from May 18th to the 21st, Budapest’s Millenaris Park once again played host to the OTP Bank Gourmet Festival, a huge gathering of the best and brightest in the contemporary Hungarian culinary scene.


This year, two particular ingredients were the “stars” of the festival: strawberries, and Hungarian mangalica pork, which is world-famous in culinary circles for its superior flavor. Chefs representing the very best restaurants from around the country and the region then took these ingredients, as well as hundreds (or thousands) of others, and used them to make food into what can only be described as magical experiences.

This year’s festival was unique in that it also featured the culinary achievements of chefs operating in neighboring countries as well. For example, his year, the Gourmet Festival played host to Ana Ros, who has been described as “the best female chef in the world.” Ms. Ros, who is the chef at renowned Slovenian restaurant Hisa Franko, prepared a special six-course menu on Friday evening for some of the festival’s guests.

In addition to Ms. Ros, other foreign guests featured at the Gourmet Festival this year included Wojciech Amaro, the first chef in Poland to be awarded a Michelin star, as well as incredible restuarants like the Slovak Asian-fusian Fouzoo, or the Austrian Taubenkobel.

And while strawberries and pork were in the spotlight this year, there was far more on offer than just fruit and meat at the Gourment Festival. From pizzas to oysters, from steak to shrimp, from panna cotta with white asparagus to vodka and strawberry lollipops, the festival featured more types of food than could reasonably fit into this article; suffice it to say, then, that the Gourmet Festival had something for everyone.

And if a virtually limitless food selection wasn’t enough, the festival also played host to a huge range of beverages, with dozens of wineries, brewers, and distilleries hawking their wares to attendees.

You can view a collection of photos of the festival, as well as of some of the delicious dishes served at the event, below:


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Via gourmetfesztival.hu, menandtal.hu, and index.hu

Images via Péter Csákvári and Gourmet Fesztivál Facebook page

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