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Google Reveals Hungary’s Top Trending Searches of 2020

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.12.31.

Google has published its annual report of top trending searches, revealing the most popular keywords among internet users in Hungary.

Unsuprisingly, the term ‘coronavirus’ tops not only the global, but Hungary’s most frequently used search list as well, followed by the ‘U.S. presidential election.’

This is closely followed by three-time Olympic champion water polo icon Tibor Benedek, who tragically died in mid-July. Legendary Hungarian actor Károly Gesztesi who lost his life in January, and basketball player Kobe Bryant’s name also made it to the top ten trending terms with ‘coronavirus map’ and the ‘Magyar Közlöny,’ (The Hungarian Gazette, the official paper of the state that publishes the new laws and government decrees – the hike in searches can be attributed to the sudden changes affecting the order of everyday life due to the coronavirus pandemic) as well.

Top trending television series of 2020 in Hungary include Mintaapák (Perfect dads), Bátrak Földje (Land of the Brave), and Mellékhatás (Side Effect).

In the book category Little Women, 365 Days, and Witcher were the most searched.

In the sports category, the football match of ‘Hungary-Iceland’ and the ‘Handball European Championship’ were the most popular terms, while ‘Among Us’ and ‘Valorant’ were the most interesting video games according to Hungarian internet users.

Featured photo via Pixabay