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#GodisLove: Catholic ‘Response’ to Coca-Cola’s #LoveisLove Campaign

Fanni Kaszás 2019.10.16.

The concept of the Church-friendly response to Coca Cola’s short-term campaign featuring same-sex couples promoting acceptance, which stirred controversy after its launch in early August, first came up a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, Father András Hodász announced on his YouTube channel that the campaign will start in the next few weeks and the #Godislove posters will be installed across the capital within two days at transport hubs and malls such as the Nyugati Railway station, Fogarasi street, and Duna Plaza.

The billboards of the #GodisLove campaign will be installed in thirteen places in the capital and a verse from the Gospel of John will be quoted on them, saying “in my Father’s house are many mansions.” According to the news release – without naming Coca-Cola – the poster campaign, featuring a priest and the Bible quote, may be interpreted as a response to the soft-drink company’s advertisement which generated a heated social debate back in August. The main message of the Christian campaign is that Christianity should not be outraged at phenomena it does not like or agree with, but rather show the faith in Christ while preaching the Gospel, which says “God is love” (1 John 4:16).

The young priest featured in the campaign is Father Hodász, who is known for his hobbies like motorbiking and going to the gym, but is also an outspoken public figure and popular vlogger who is also present on Instagram. Recently, as we have reported, he participated in the popular “Tetris Challenge” as well.

The campaign, sponsored and organized by the Christian Business Conference, is also interactive: Father Hodász asked Christians to take pictures with the posters in the capital and upload them to their social media sites with the #Godislove hashtag and tell their followers why they like to be Christians and what they mean by “being in contact with the living God.” Hodász called on his followers in his video on YouTube that for the next two weeks, “flood our social media sites with our testimonies to God and evangelize the world!”

As we have previously reported, the Consumer Protection Department of Pest County has fined Coca-Cola for its short-term poster campaign launched in early August.

Coca-Cola Fined for Ads With Same-Sex Couples ‘Undermining Adolescents’ Moral Development’

The organization alleges that Coca-Cola violated a section of the Advertising Act which states advertisements that may damage the physical, mental, emotional, or moral development of children and adolescents are not allowed.

Back in August, Coca-Cola responded in a statement emphasizing that they believe “we are all equal, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, spoken language, hobbies, and opinions.”

featured photo: Keresztény Vállalkozói Konferencia Facebook