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German Gov’t Commissioner Praises Hungary’s Minority Policy

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.01.23.

Addressing an event in Munich commemorating ethnic Germans expelled from Hungary after the second world war, Bernd Fabritius, Germany’s government commissioner for national minorities, praised Hungary’s minority policy, saying it demonstrated the country’s historical conscience.

The CSU politician noted that Hungary was the first country in Europe to designate a memorial day in honour of deported ethnic Germans, acknowledging the injustice committed in the name of the state.

The German government owes the Hungarian government its gratitude for this, Fabritius told the event organised by the Hungarian consulate-general in Munich.

Speaking to public media, Hungary’s consul-general Gábor Tordai-Lejkó said a significant number of those expelled settled in Bavaria, adding that about one-third of Bavarian families have members who arrived in the state as persecuted Germans.

Featured photo via Bernd Fabritius’ Facebook page