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Geert Wilders: Dutch Prime Minister Hates Hungary and Viktor Orbán

Hungary Today 2021.06.29.

According to the leader of the Dutch right-wing Party for Freedom, the Dutch Prime Minister’s statements on bringing Hungary to its knees are actually messages home, because he is seeking the support of left-wing and liberal parties in the Netherlands.

“It is not up to me or Mark Rutte to decide what is good for Hungarians,” Geert Wilders told pro-government daily Magyar Nemzet in an interview on Monday reflecting on the Dutch Prime Minister’s earlier comments.

“Hungary is a democracy, with a functioning parliament and judiciary, and the people can freely elect their government,” he added.

Last week, Mark Rutte had some harsh words for Viktor Orbán after the Hungarian parliament passed a controversial law that critics say is discriminating against the LGBT+ community.

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At the time, and among other things, Rutte said Hungary should be brought to its knees on the issue, and that the country has no business being in the European Union anymore.

According to the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, however, Mark Rutte would have criticized Hungary at the EU summit anyway, and his words are simply messages home, because, despite his long time as prime minister, he has domestically never been so politically weak.

He does not want to work together with the right-wing parties, so he seeks the support of radically liberal and left-wing parties, Wilders complained.

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Orbán: 'Liberals Must Respect Right of Non-Liberals to Hold EU Together'

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“Rutte hates strong nation-states and Christian values, thus, he hates Hungary and Viktor Orbán as well,” Wilders said.

The right-wing politician believes the Dutch prime minister is also hypocritical for slamming Hungary over the situation of gay people.

“There are one million Muslims in our country because of mass immigration. I am not saying that they are all bad people or criminals, but it is clear that they have brought with them a culture that today in many Dutch cities makes it impossible for homosexuals to feel safe,” said the politician, adding that in this sense it is today much safer to be gay in Hungary than in some parts of the Netherlands.

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