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American College Students Taste Hungarian Food for the First Time Ever – Video!

Robert Velkey 2017.09.20.

This is what happens when Hungarian goulash, chicken stew, stuffed cabbage, potato casserole, and crepes are on the plate. Fine Brothers Entertainment posted a video with Hungarian cuisine in the spotlight. 

Five young university students from the United States tasted the Hungarian dishes for the first time and commented on their experience. Interestingly, most of the students guessed that Hungarian potato casserole (rakott krumpli) was a breakfast meal, when it is in fact a lunch or dinner dish. However, most of them enjoyed Hungarian cuisine very much, even if each meal was a rather strange and new gastro-experience for them. You can see how the American college kids reacted to the Hungarian dishes they tested:

Nor were the students the only ones to love Hungarian food so much. Let’s have a look at some of the hundreds of comments on the video that has gone viral on the Internet in recent days: