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Renovation of the Hungarian National Museum’s Gardens to Begin this Month

Fanni Kaszás 2018.01.11.

After a year of preparations, renovation works on the National Museum’s garden will begin in January 2018 and will finish this summer.

The main aim of the complex reconstruction project is to restore the 150-year-old garden to its original historical condition, and at the same time to make it more accessible to the public.

During the project, public utilities will be renovated and new walkways and pavements, fitting the style of the historical main building, will be built. The renovation of the public utilities will include the setup of a 3 km-long sewage pipe system, new electric and water systems, and a public wifi network.

Existing walkways will be removed as well as some 38 old, damaged trees, which will be replaced by 25 large ones, including gingko bilobas, magnolias, and red maples, to preserve the garden’s flora.

As part of the reconstruction works all the statues of the garden, including that of Hungarian poet János Arany, will be fully restored. The statue of Arany will be placed back on its original pedestal before the March 15th national holiday, which commemorates the Revolution of 1848.

The new garden plans were designed by TÉR-TEAM Ltd. and the construction will be carried out by Belvárosi Építő Ltd, who are also responsible for the restaurantion of the Parliament’s delegation room as well as the Kossuth Mausoleum (located in Kerepesi Cemetery), and two Government Service Centers.

According to the plans, reconstruction works will finish this summer. Throughout the renovation works, exhibitions in the Museum will remain open under their normal schedule, but the museum will only be able to be reached through the main entrance.

via mnm.hu