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Gallery – Fifty (+67) Years Of Budapest’s Elizabeth Bridge

By Tamás Székely // 2014.11.23.

The third newest bridge of Budapest celebrated its 50th birthday this week. The “Erzsébet híd” (Elisabeth Bridge), located at the narrowest part of the Danube in the Budapest area, is 378.6 meters long, 27,1 meters wide and its longest span is 290 meters.  The bridge is named after Queen Elisabeth (1837-1898), King Franz Joseph’s wife. The original Erzsébet Bridge (built between 1897 and 1913), along with many other bridges all over the country, was blown up at the end of World War II by retreating Nazi troops. This is the only bridge in Budapest which was not rebuilt in its original form. The construction of the new bridge started in 1961 and was completed in November, 1964. Happy birthday, dear Elizabeth (bridge)!


source: gallery photos: cover photo: Tamás Rizsavi (