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The Future is Theirs – Design Terminal Introduces The Most Promising“Startup”-s of this Coming Year

Robert Velkey 2017.01.30.

Budapest’s Design Terminal runs a four-month business development program for teams that are addressing social good, social welfare in a sustainable and scalable way in the sectors such as healthcare, work and learning, mobility, energy and urbanism. Their program helps prepare the most innovative Hungarian businesses for international market entry. The business development process comprises the improvement of participating projects in terms of business model, legal background, organizational development and marketing communications. At the same time, mentored teams prepare to accept their first round of investment, ensuring international expansion.

Bemutatkoztak a mentoráltak

The mentoring program is special even when compared to a broad range of its European counterparts. During the four months spent together, the participating businesses have ample opportunity to learn from each other. Design Terminal’s international mentor network represents the program’s other outstanding advantage: in the course of four months, one hundred and fifty renowned experts – from Silicon Valley through Berlin all the way to Budapest – will be adding their know-how to the business development process. In addition, Design Terminal, in partnership with the Hungarian National Trading House, ensures that each participating team gets the chance to attend at least one leading international trade fair or exhibition.

A Demo Day közönsége

On the 25th of January 2017, Design Terminal held its semester-closing ceremony and introduced the most exciting business ideas and supported undertakings. Wednesday, 8+1 “startups” introduced themselves on the well-known Design Terminal’s Demo Day.

Here you can see the business ideas of the future, collected and supported by Design Terminal.

Gyermek SOS / Child SOS – Helps you to find the childcare on duty any time

Celeni – The personalized fashion

EVA: Extended Visual Assistant – Smart-glasses connected to smartphones to help blind people

Hiker Nations – Social Media Community for hikers

Hello Doki – Online Medical Consultation 

Kuvik – The new age of studying games for children; learning by playing

Miutcá – Community life locally, not only online 

Sneaker Tracker – “All about shoes” app

Openmondo – Italian based startup – “tour guiding” by local people on a webpage 

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