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Budapest Mayor Shows What Student City Would Look Like Without Fudan

Tamás Vaski 2021.04.12.

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony shared the simulated images of Budapest’s planned Student City, located in the same area as the construction site of Fudan University’s Budapest campus. The Orbán government has allegedly decided to, with a large loan from China, build a campus for the internationally prestigious private university on the site which was supposed to be the residence of thousands of Hungarian students, according to the IX District’s urban development program.

Karácsony posted the images which show what the area should look like if it follows the original development plan. He stated in his Facebook post that “today we would like these plans to be made into reality on a site where the government wants to build an elite Chinese university campus, with Chinese loans, to the detriment of Hungarian taxpayers and the benefit of Chinese corporations.”

Hungary's Planned Fudan University Budapest Location Faces Backlash
Hungary's Planned Fudan University Budapest Location Faces Backlash

The Hungarian government is working with a Chinese state-owned megacorporation to achieve one of the biggest investments in the last few decades of Hungary’s higher education; the creation of a Fudan University campus in Budapest’s IX. District. While the government believes the decision can only benefit the two countries, it has caused in uproar from […]Continue reading

The Budapest mayor said that his administration wants more than ten thousand Hungarian students to have affordable and available housing instead of financing “the spread of China’s political and economic influence, as well as its secret service,” with taxpayer money.

Karácsony accused the government of going against its statement that whatever the Municipal Council does not agree to will not be present in Budapest. To this statement the mayor responded with his clear opposition to the construction of the Fudan Budapest campus.

Karácsony announced that his administration will do everything in its power to obstruct the government’s investment. He even shared a petition by Ferencváros representative candidate András Jámbor which calls for the government to follow the original Student City plan instead of the Construction of the Fudan campus.

Jobbik Slams Govt Support of Fudan University in Budapest
Jobbik Slams Govt Support of Fudan University in Budapest

The opposition Jobbik party on Saturday slammed the government for funding the Budapest branch of China’s Fudan University with 821 million forints (EUR 2.2bn), and called for the support of modern, autonomous Hungarian universities instead. Party lawmaker Koloman Brenner told an online press conference that “turning a Chinese university loose in Hungarian higher education” and […]Continue reading

The images of the planned student city were provided by the Norwegian architecture office Snøhetta. They depict a vibrant, modern, and green location in Budapest’s IX District of Ferencváros.

Featured photo via Gergely Karácsony’s Facebook page.