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Foundation: Up To 700 Congolese Children Provided Education With Hungarian Assistance

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.05.30.

A Hungarian foundation school has been providing assistance to poor children in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo for fourteen years, France Mutombo, head of the Hungary-based Foundation for Africa, revealed on public news channel M1 on Sunday.

40-year-old, Congolese-born Mr. Mutombo, an Adventist theologist living in Hungary, said Hungarian donors can contribute HUF 3000 (EUR 9.55) a month to financing the education of a Congolese child from kindergarten to secondary-school graduation. He said there are 600-700 students studying at the institution every year who could not go to school without the Hungarian assistance.

There are about 7 million children who cannot attend school in the country of 67 million, he added.

The Foundation’s website, also available in English and French, features an illustrated list of children who are available for sponsorship. Its activity includes establishing social and educational institutions, supporting the education of orphans and disadvantaged children, building schools, orphanages and hospitals in Africa, humanitarian tourism programmes to African countries, delivering humanitarian aid packages, as well as authentically representing Africa and raising public awareness in Hungary.

via hungarymatters.hu and afrikaert.hu
photo: afrikaert.hu