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Formula One: Hungary’s Hungaroring Replaces Britain’s Silverstone As In-Season Test Track

By Tamás Székely // 2017.01.25.

Formula 1’s 2017 in-season test plans have been finalised and first time in history, one of the in-season tests will take place in Hungary, news portal reported.


FIA said that there would be three group tests this year beyond the pre-season running. The first in-season test will take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the Bahrain Grand Prix (April 18 and 19), while the second test has been shifted from Britain’ Silvestone to Hungary’s Hungaroring and takes place on August 1 and 2. This year’s Hungarian GP will take place just before that, on the weekend of 28-30 July.

Teams are free to work on what they want during the Bahrain and Hungary tests, but do have to run young drivers who have competed in fewer than three GPs on two of the four days. Accoring to Formula One news site,  the choice of the Hungaroring is “odd” because many consider it a “fairly unique, though technical and demanding track”, which is often cited as “Monaco without the buildings.”

via and; cover photo: Sándor H. Szabó – MTI