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Former Socialist PM Ferenc Gyurcsány “Celebrates” 10th Anniversary Of His Infamous Balatonöszöd Speech

Tamás Székely 2016.05.26.

On this day in 2006 Ferenc Gyurcsány, Hungary’s former Socialist Prime Minister, delivered his infamous speech of Balatonöszöd. The speech had triggered so serious impacts and reactions that completely re-shaped modern-day Hungarian politics. The outrageous speech was originally addressed secretly to a group of Socialist lawmakers in a governmental resort situated in the village of Balatonöszöd, near Lake Balaton.

There aren’t many choices. That is because we have fu***d it up. Not just a bit, but much

However, the speech was taped and later published under unknown circumstances. After the public radio began broadcasting it on 17th of September 2006, mass protests and rioting took place in Budapest. Not only the content but also the profanity of the speech has been heavily criticized ever since. Ferenc Gyurcsány, however, never apologized for his words and states still today that they were the words of passion and love and his speech was about justice and facing reality.

I almost perished because I had to pretend for 18 months that we were governing. Instead, we lied morning, night and evening.

Gyurcsány, who is the leader of minor left-wing party Democratic Coalition (DK) today, says that the speech could had been published because his fellow Socialist party members betrayed him. However it happened, the Socialist party lost support and voters rapidly in the coming years, paving the way to right-wing Fidesz’s two-thirds-majority-winning victory in the 2010 elections.

via mandiner.hu and mno.hu