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Former New York Governor Pataki Praises “Strong” Hungarian Government In Interview

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.03.17.

The pro-Obama US press blackens Hungarian reality and the country’s government, which is strong but does not abuse its powers, George Pataki, the Hungarian-American former governor of the state of New York, said in an interview with the Hungarian weekly Figyelő.

In the interview, Mr. Pataki describes Hungary as a free market economy with a solid democratic system. According to the former NY governor, the country has the best chances to become one of the most competitive countries of the world and urged Hungarians to adopt a more optimistic attitude. He also praised the country for its “fantastic” ability to attract foreign capital thanks, among others, to its business-friendly tax system.

He also blasted the Obama administrations “hypocritical, almost hysteric” political correctness for adopting the critical positions of the leading bodies of the European Union, such as allegations on corruption and an over-centralised political system. He said that the pro-Obama US press blackens Hungarian reality by challenging laws such as Hungarian legislation concerning homeless people, which in the state of New York was left unchallenged even by human rights organisations despite being introduced under his leadership years ago.

While pointing out that he has read “one or two things” in US media that gave him concern, he voiced his strong optimism concerning the future of Hungary and praised the country for its constant development.

However, he strongly hit out at populism, blasting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his plan to build an anti-immigration wall along the entire length of the US border with Mexico, pointing out that in the case of Hungary – which already has a border barrier in place on its southern frontier – most arrivals from the Arab world are not refugees but economic migrants.

The 70-year-old politician, who served as the governor of New York between 1995 and 2007, was one of 17 Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 presidential campaign but exited the race in late December after polls showed him polling under one per cent.

Mr. Pataki’s Hungarian-born grandfather János Pataki emigrated to the United States in 1908.

via Figyelő magazine
photo: nbcnews.com

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