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Former Jobbik Leader Condemns Party for Provocative Post About Religious Fidesz and Trump Supporters

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.01.14.

Jobbik shared a mocking image on its Facebook page to demonstrate a parallel between Trump supporters who recently stormed the US Capitol and the supporters of the Hungarian governing party Fidesz. To emphasize the similarities, they used pictures of people holding crucifixes. In response, many voiced their outrage, including Gábor Vona, the former president of the once far-right, then moderate right party who claimed that today’s Jobbik “is overtaking” former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány’s leftist Democratic Coalition “from the left.”

According to Jobbik’s Facebook post shared on Tuesday, the Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol less than a week ago, once simply referred to as “Trump shamans” in the post, resemble the misled “Orbán believers” who would “break into Parliament in 2022- after the fall of Orbán- the same way as the riled-up supporters of his American populist buddy.”

Hungarian Press Roundup: Takes on the Capitol Hill Riots
Hungarian Press Roundup: Takes on the Capitol Hill Riots

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To reinforce the parallel, the opposition party shared a montage of two images: one with an American and one with a Hungarian protester both holding a crucifix.

Many people were outraged, believing that the shared image was ultimately a mockery of Christian values, which was a complete turn against the party’s previously professed right-wing affiliation. The former president of Jobbik, Gábor Vona, now an “influencer” who has 500,000 followers on Facebook, also condemned the party’s action in a Facebook post.


“The Fidesz government is a vile, unscrupulous, and hypocritical team. That is a fact. However! I know I’m going to be ‘the traitor, the Fidesz mercenary, and the collaborator,’ but it’s a true low point. Is the crucifixion of Jesus really the biggest problem with NER [ruling Fidesz’s scheme dubbed as a ‘system of national cooperation’]? So much more could have been shown about them! Why this? Is this Jobbik’s gripe? I feel ashamed and glad that I am not with you anymore. This is a disgrace. Now, we are overtaking DK from the left…,” Vona wrote on social media.

Featured photo via Jobbik’s official Facebook page