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Former Brazil And Real Madrid Star’s Hungarian Son Wishes To Follow In His Father’s Footsteps

Tamás Székely 2017.03.23.

Did you know that former Brazil and Real Madrid left-back Roberto Carlos has a Hungarian son? In fact, the football legend had a Hungarian partner, Alexandra Horváth, from whom his half-Hungarian son, Cristofer, was born ten years ago.


Cristofer with his Hungarian mother Alexandra Horváth (photo: blikk.hu)

The kid’s full name is Cristofer Roberto da Silva Horváth. He has just returned to Hungary for visiting the grandparents and participating in a TV show shooting with commercial channel TV2, tabloid blikk.hu reported. However, Cristofer lives with his mother in Madrid, and of course he plays for a Real Madrid youth team. The kid says he wants to become at least as good player as his father was. If he will be able to meet the expectations, he could be invited either to the Brazilian, Spanish or Hungarian national team in the future. According to his mother, Cristofer inherited a lots of things from Robert Carlos, not only his Brazilian blood but also his dancing ability, movement and his passion for football and sports.


Cristofer and his father Roberto Carlos back in 2013 (photo: Cristofer’s Facebook page)

Roberto Carlos, nicknamed “the bullet man” due to his powerful bending free kicks, is often regarded as the most offensive-minded left-back in the history of football. He spent 11 highly successful seasons with Real Madrid, playing 584 matches and scoring 71 goals. He won four La Liga titles and the UEFA Champions League three times. During his international career, Roberto Carlos earned 125 caps, scoring 11 goals for the Brazilian national team. He currently works for Real Madrid as director of football.

via blikk.hu