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Foreigners Learn Hungarian in Pécs

By admin // 2014.07.23.

More than fifty students arrive from twenty countries to Pécs in order to study Hungarian culture and language during the summer, reports news agency MTI. The course is organized by the University of Pécs (Pécsi Tudományegyetem, PTE) and this summer marks the 15th consecutive year for the program.

The university offers diverse programs, from its two week and 60 hour language course to the four week and 120 hour course, all available on five difficulty levels. The summer course is organized by the International Education Center of the Medical Faculty, where 12 Hungarian language teachers will take part in the program.

The language education is immersion based, students will be aided by teachers to study the language by participating in real life situations. Museum visits, artisan classes and movie programs will all help to achieve these goals. Students will also take an exam at the end of the course, after which a certification is awarded on August 24 in Orfű.

Most of the students come from European countries, having studied in Hungarian Universities all year or studying Hungarian in a foreign institution. Some of the participants have Hungarian relatives or of Hungarian descent, although the university is expecting students from as far as Canada and East-Asia as well. (MTI)

Photo: Molnár Attila Viktor