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Foreign Residents to Compete in 2020 National Gallop

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.10.07.

Due to travel restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic the foreign jockeys competing in the 13th National Gallop will be residents of Hungary, organizers told MTI on Tuesday.

The races will be held at Budapest’s Heroes’ Square on a track specially built for the purpose, on Saturday and Sunday.

“National Gallop” Held For The 11th Time At Budapest’s Heroes’ Square
“National Gallop” Held For The 11th Time At Budapest’s Heroes’ Square

Last weekend, Budapest’s iconic Heroes’ Square was once again taken over by jockeys and horses on the 11th National Gallop. Arnold Nagy and his horse Fantázia (Fantasy) from Temerin, Serbia’s Vojvodina region, won the event. Arnold Nagy preceded Rózsaszentmárton, Pogány, Füzér and Zirc’s horsemen on a special track circling the Millennium Monument in Heroes’ Square. […]Continue reading

The 72 participants riding horses from the Bábolna National Horse Farm will represent Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Mexico, India, Mongolia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary.

The races and accompanying programs will be broadcast live by public Duna Television.

Featured photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI