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The foreign ministry on Thursday summoned Rene van Hell, the Dutch Ambassador to Hungary, to reject the “unacceptable allegations” of Prime Minister Mark Rutte regarding the Hungarian government.

Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported that Rutte had said some politicians were “turning their backs on Europe”. At a campaign rally, Rutte cited Hungary as an example “where the rule of law is shunned, seemingly without any consequences”.

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Tamás Menczer, the ministry’s state secretary for communications and international representation, said that at the root of the “conflict between the Hungarian and Dutch governments” is their different views on migration. The Hungarian government says no to migration, and “this is the root cause of all criticism”, he said.

The previous ambassador likened the Hungarian government to terrorists “merely because we reject migration,” he said.

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Those unfounded criticisms are unacceptable, Menczer said. Hungarian citizens have elected the Orbán government with a two-thirds majority, and that has to be respected, he said.

In the featured photo Dutch PM Mark Rutte. Photo by European Council