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Foreign Minister Calls on Voters to Support ‘Anti-Migration Stance’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.26.

If a large majority of voters support “the anti-migration stance” in Sunday’s European Parliament election, Hungary’s ruling parties will be “in a much better position to promote the view that we, Hungarians, have an exclusive right to decide who should be allowed to enter the country and whom we want to live together with,” the foreign minister said on Sunday.

Péter Szijjártó said he hoped that voter turnout at the polls will be high, and “the anti-migration stance could win by a landslide”.

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The foreign minister insisted that “Hungarians have made it clear three times, through a national consultation, a referendum and a parliamentary election, that they do not want to see migrants in Hungary and in Europe”. “On Sunday it needs to be made clear again, because from Monday morning on the degree of support won at home will be decisive in the (European) debates”.

In the featured photo foreign minister Péter szijjártó. Photo by Márton Kovács/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade