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Foreign Minister Calls on UN to Ditch Pro-Migration Stance

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.26.

If the UN does not give up its “completely biased” stance on migration, the danger to Europe in the coming months will be “extremely serious”, Hungary’s foreign minister told UN Human Rights Council and Conference on Disarmament meetings in Geneva on Monday.

In his speeches to the respective bodies, Péter Szijjártó said that whereas the global coalition fighting terrorism, including Hungary, had ejected Islamic State from 98 percent of the territory it had occupied, this did not mean the terrorist organisation’s demise, since it had adopted a new strategy of returning its mercenaries to the countries they came from.

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Around 5,000 are EU citizens, he noted, adding that the interception of IS members in Bosnia and Macedonia over the past weeks was evidence of the IS strategy. Given that the Balkans is their preferred route back, countries of the Western Balkans and central Europe must staunchly protect their borders, he added.

Summarising its speeches to MTI, Szijjártó called on the United Nations to abandon its policy of supporting migration, otherwise IS terrorists smuggling weapons capable of massive destruction could ride a wave of migration to Europe.

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The minister also urged the disarmament conference to work towards its goals speedily so that arms do not get into the hands of terrorists.

On the featured photo: FM Péter Szijjártó. Photo by Mitko Sztojcsev/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade