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Football: Only 12 Premier League Teams To Compete In 2015/16 Season

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.05.27.

The number of Hungarian Premier League football teams in the 2015/16 OTP Bank League will decrease from the present number of sixteen to twelve after five clubs – Győri ETO FC of Győr, Nyíregyháza Spartacus of Nyíregyháza, PMFC-Matias of Pécs and the Pápa team Lombard Pápa Termál FC, which failed to qualify anyway – were not granted the licence necessary to run in the country’s top championship, the state news agency MTI has reported.

Hungarian Football Federation chairman Sándor Csányi had announced as early as 13 May that the five clubs will probably not be granted a licence but extended the deadline to make up for their shortcomings to 26 May.

The federation’s board decided on 13 May that one team will be added on to the Premier League if the number of teams qualifying will be uneven. While Pápa failed to qualify anyway, the other team leaving the Premier League – Dunaújváros, Haladás or Budapest Honvéd – possesses a licence, the championship will include 12 clubs together with the two that will ascend from the second league.

According to an earlier disclosure, the Premier League championship will consist of three times eleven rounds in the 2015/16 season. Teams failing to qualify to the Premier League will be able to run in Hungary’s equivalent of the League One, NB III.

The federation also rejected the Budapest team Újpest’s application for an international (UEFA) licence.