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Food Safety Authority Warns of West Nile Virus Affecting Horses

Hungary Today 2018.09.18.

Hungary’s national food safety authority (Nébih) has warned that West Nile virus has affected horses in the country after the virus was detected at 64 farms this year.

In several European Union member states, including Hungary, reports of horses affected by West Nile fever surfaced during the summer and the autumn, Nébih said on its website on Monday. The illness has been diagnosed in 57 localities in 14 counties around Hungary and also in a district of Budapest, it added.

Horses can be protected from West Nile virus with a vaccination and by taking environmental and veterinary precautionary measures, including the spraying of insect repellent and the use of mosquito netting, Nébih said. The virus is spread mainly by mosquitos, it added.

via MTI

featured image: Eszter Kövesi via