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What Were the Foo Fighters Like In Budapest?

Robert Velkey 2017.06.27.

The last great American arena/stadium rock band returned to Hungary for the first time in 20 years: Foo Fighters held a concert and played at the Budapest Arena on June 26th, 2017.

In the decades since the 1995 release of Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear have grown into a dominant force on the global festival, stadium and arena circuit. The band’s massive catalogue of gold and platinum albums has won 11 Grammys, four Brit Awards, sold 25+ million records, and is the backbone of marathon shows powered by singalong anthems “Everlong,” “Monkey Wrench,” “My Hero,” “Learn To Fly,” “All My Life,” “Best Of You,” “The Pretender,” “Walk,” “Something From Nothing” and more.

Yesterday, the iconic ban returned to Budapest, bringing their iconic songs along with them. Let’s hear reactions of the  Hungarian press to the concert:

“I listen to this band since my childhood, my father is a hippie he showed me them. I was waiting for a very long time to see this concert.”

“The Foo Fighters are able to keep the audience’s attention, and run the show for two hours without anything else than themselves on the stage”

“It was a two-hour-plus amazing concert”

According index.hu it was amazing how the music of Foo Fighters could unite an audience of 10,000. As portal’s journalist writes “to be together, in the company of ten thousand people who were waiting for this, and to be a part of it; it was enthralling and captivating.

There were folks who were waiting for 20 years for this moment, as they were at the 1st concert [in Hungary] as well, 20 years ago at the Sziget Festival. However there were young ones (under 30 years old) who are just simply young and love this music.

Grohl,  the Foo Fighters’ front man, said that  if they keep this tradition up, of visiting Budapest only every 20 years, he will be 68 at the time of their next concert here. “We will be here,” he said.

via: origo.hu; hvg.hu; index.hu; ticketpro.hu

photos: hvg.hu

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