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‘Dance around the Carpathian Basin’ Video Published

Hungary Today 2020.06.05.

In a 30-minute-long journey, you can now wander around the Carpathian Basin while discovering the local dances, as the project dubbed ‘Dance around the Carpathian Basin’ has been successfully completed, and the video has been published on the centenary of the Trianon Treaty, on Thursday.

The project has been kick-started by the ELTE SEK Szökős Folk Ensemble from Szombathely, together with the nearby Gencsapáti Traditional Folk Dance Ensemble. A driving force behind the initiative was that due to the coronavirus outbreak, large remembrance gatherings became impossible, or at least difficult.

So the aforementioned ensembles have called up folk dance groups all over the country and beyond the borders to make a 1-2-minute long video while dancing the folk dances typical of their region in a symbolic place of their locality, and then upload and share them on social media. These videos were then put together and published on June 4th.

That the call proved successful symbolizes the fact that despite that the video’s original length had been planned to be 10-12 minutes, it totaled almost 30 minutes, with more than 300 videos having been sent in.

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So you can watch the video here, while here you can find all the different recordings one by one.

fetaured image via Összetartozas100folk- Facebook