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Flowers Replaced with Concrete in Clark Ádám Square

Dorottya Zalay 2021.06.10.

In the past few days, the replacement of the popular flower bed in Clark Ádám Square with concrete has stirred up strong reactions. This measure, according to Budapest’s public transport company BKK, was necessary in order to facilitate traffic diversions following the full closure of the Chain Bridge on June 16th.

The central area of the current roundabout in Clark Ádám Square, with a radius of 20 meters, has been temporarily replaced by a smaller island with a 14.5-meter radius. In their Facebook post, the BKK confirmed that the biennial plants were relocated by FŐKERT in the beginning of May, and by the inauguration of the renovated bridge, the flowers in Clark Ádám Square will also be in new splendor.

Fidesz: Chain Bridge Revamp to Cost Huf 5 Bn More than Previous Leadership's Plan
Fidesz: Chain Bridge Revamp to Cost Huf 5 Bn More than Previous Leadership's Plan

Construction company A-Híd’s renovation of Budapest’s landmark Chain Bridge will cost 5 billion forints more than it would have done under Budapest’s previous leadership, the Fidesz-delegated member in the city’s transport centre BKK said on Tuesday. “Miraculously, Deputy Mayor Kata Tüttő’s favourite company, A-Híd, will renovate the Chain Bridge,” Fidesz’s Budapest group said on Facebook, […]Continue reading

On Wednesday, Gergely Karácsony, the mayor of Budapest, has also reassured his Facebook followers that the concrete patch will be temporary.

The renovation of the Chain Bridge began on March 17th, but at that time, only the surroundings of the bases and the pedestrian sidewalks had been closed. While road traffic is expected to return at the end of 2022, pedestrian sidewalks will remain inaccessible until construction is complete in 2023.

 Featured photo illustration by Csaba Jászai/MTVA