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Flights to ‘Nowhere’ Available in Hungary First in Europe

Fanni Kaszás 2020.10.26.

Recently, people who miss flying have been rushing to buy tickets for flights that land in the same place they depart from, called ‘flights to nowhere.’ Following Australia, Japan, Brunei and Taiwan, Hungary also offers flights to people for these “scenic flights,” the first in Europe. 

First, Qantas airline announced a flight to nowhere over Australia. Flights to nowhere were launched to alleviate fanatics struggling with travel withdrawal symptoms. Tickets for the seven-hour trip were sold in 10 minutes, and feedback showed everyone was perfectly happy with the experience. Since then, it has been possible to travel ‘nowhere’ in several other countries, including Brunei and Taiwan. This past weekend, it was also available to fly to nowhere in Hungary.

The Aviation Cultural Center (Aeropark) announced the sightseeing experience program in cooperation with Smartwings and with the support of Budapest Airport earlier this month. On October 25, the Smartwings Boeing 737-800 departed for a nearly 60-minute flight from Liszt Ferenc International Airport, the first time a flight was available ‘to nowhere’ in Europe. The planned route included, among others, the Danube Bend, Lake Balaton, Bakony and Budapest, with smaller changes depending on the weather and the cloud cover.

The first special Budapest-Budapest sightseeing flight departed at noon from Liszt Ferenc International Airport on October 25. In addition to the flight, the experience package included free admission to the Aeropark Flight Museum and a one-hour airport visit with Aeropark Ikarus buses. Those adventurous enough could buy tickets online for the special flight until last week. Tickets by the window were available for HUF 35 thousand, while seats in the middle and aisle seats were available for HUF 25,000. According to the airport’s data, a total of three such flights were planned. The flights took off at 10:18 in the morning, then at 12:10 and 14:08 on Sunday.

featured photo: setarepules.aeropark.hu