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Budapest’s M3 Metro Line Finally Revamped: First Renovated Car Completed In Moscow

Robert Velkey 2016.05.13.

Metrovagonmash, part of the Russian railway machine-building group Transmashholding (Трансмашхолдинг), has started the upgrading of 222 subway cars for the Budapest subway system. The first one has just got ready and it doesn’t look so bad.


On the new M3 metro cars passenger compartments, cabins and control desks will be fully refurbished, interiors will be updated. Head carriage masks and bogies will be replaced and cars’ bodywork will be revamped. Train control systems, video surveillance and safety systems will be modernized. HVAC in the driver’s cabins and forced air cooling in the passenger compartments will be installed. Compressor systems, braking equipment and traction systems will be upgraded. Electric door control mechanisms are expected to be installed.


Power consumption will be reduced, modern aesthetic characteristics will be provided and a passenger comfort level and working environment for drivers will be improved. The lifespan of the metros will be extended by 25 years.

via: tmholding.ru; sputniknews.com; index.hu
photos: index.hu; vezess.hu; tmholding.ru