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First Smartphone-Managed Hotel of Europe Opens in Budapest

Fanni Kaszás 2018.03.06.

Europe’s first completely smartphone-controlled hotel, KViHotel, managed by a smartphone app developed by Hungarians, has opened in Budapest’s District VII.

The 40-room, four-star, “paperless” KViHotel (Key Vision, coming from ‘Vision for the Future’) is run by a smartphone app; TMRW Hotels puts control into the hands of its guests. It is located at Nyár street in the heart of the so-called party district, and operates practically without hotel service, as guests use their own mobile devices for services. The application can be used for booking, checking in and out, and guests can also use their smartphones as a keycard, TMRW founder Csaba Kató said.

He added that the app was developed in two years, and now every function has been incorporated in it, including temperature setting, cab ordering, additional services (cleaning, breakfast, cab) and the option for a ‘do not disturb’ request. Payments are also handled through the app, which makes it easier for guests to monitor their bills and shortens the check-out procedure.

Once the application’s test run is complete at KViHotel, the company will make the app available for licensing and develop versions of it for other – both new and existing – hotels, apartments, offices and hostels as well as a maintenance app (TMRW HK) which helps to plan the cleaning, dining and maintenance works of the hotels.

You can watch a video about the hotel here:

TMRW is a member of KVK group.

via MTI,