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The government presented the results of the first round of mass testing at the daily press conference of the operative board. Although the board expected a higher participation rate as the participation was voluntary, but still a total of 181,506 people tested themselves last week. Out of this number, 2.44 percent, a total of 4,436 people tested positive. The second round has already begun and now public administration and customer service staff are also included in addition to healthcare workers and those who work in education.

Last week, a thousand teams started the nationwide targeted mass testing. University students also participated in the testing, while social and healthcare institutions were screening themselves. Participation in the rapid testing was voluntary, thus not everyone took part in the opportunity. Innovation Ministry’s Secretary of State for Public Administration István said that “to be honest, the operative board expected a higher turnout than was met.”

However, if we look at the number of those who tested positive, we can see it from a different angle. As results show, thousands of essential workers, including people working in the front line were infected without knowing it, therefore posing a high risk for other front line workers, children, or even the most vulnerable people, the elderly or those with illnesses.

photo: Csaba Krizsán/MTI

By the end of last week, a total of 182,506 people were tested. Out of this number, 2.44 percent of the tests were positive, amounting to a total of 4,436 positive cases. This is the 1.64 percent of the total number of those affected, which according to György is roughly the same as the results of similar Slovakian and Bavarian programs.

The state secretary also shared the participation broken down according to the types of institutions affected. According to the statistics, 79 percent of nursery workers, a total of 11,113 people, took part in the testing and 195 people tested positive, which is 1.8 percent.

Kindergarten workers had a participation rate of 74 percent, with 34,964 people in attendance, of whom 811 were found to be infected (2.3%). A 73% participation rate was the smallest among primary school workers and teachers. A total of 95,102 workers were tested, with 2,170 positive tests, which means a 2.3% positivity rate.

photo: Tamás Vasvári/MTI

In social institutions, a total of 24,452 people were tested, out of which 911 people tested positive (3.73 percent). Vocational training institutions had a participation rate of 64 percent. Out of the 5,653 workers tested, 146 were positive, an infection rate of 2.6 percent. In addition, a total of 10,222 healthcare workers also participated in the testing, with a 1.96 percent positive test rate.

According to the State Secretary, the second round of rapid testing has already begun, once again on a voluntary basis, in which everyone is encouraged to participate if they haven’t tested themselves yet. At the same time, those who took part in the first round can also request a test again.

photo: János Mészáros/MTI

György also added that as participation in the targeted mass screening is voluntary, no one will be at a disadvantaged if they do not take part in the testing. The Secretary of State announced that in the next round, both those working in public administration and those working in customer service positions will be able to be tested, and university students will also participate in the testing.

He added that contrary to the news reports, the students were tested in the most comfortable way possible, and in all cases they were provided with accommodation and meals if requested. They have been given adequate protective equipment and have been covered by collective health insurance, while they must not be hindered in their university careers for their participation.

featured photo: János Mészáros/MTI

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