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First Hungarian to Climb K2, World’s Toughest Mountain

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.07.26.

Hungarian mountaineer Szilárd Suhajda reached the peak of K2, the second highest mountain on Earth. This is the first time a Hungarian stands on the summit of the “Savage Mountain”. Suhajda did this extraordinary achievement without the use of oxygen tanks or the help of carriers.

The 8611 meter tall K2 is considered the toughest mountain to climb among the eight-thousanders. Although it is 239 meters shorter than Mount Everest, its steep walls and dangerous weather makes reaching its top a much more daunting task. It is no coincidence that far fewer people have managed to conquer it than the world’s highest summit.

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As part of the Hungarian K2 Expedition, Suhajda reached the summit of K2 shortly after noon Pakistani time, without bottled oxygen or the help of Sherpas.

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“I am delighted to announce that we successfully finished the 2019 ‘Eseményhorizont’ K2 expedition, I am here at the peak of K2. It’s stunning, the clouds cleared up, I can see everything clearly, the view from the ridge is beautiful. I’m glad I was able to further enrich the list of Eseményhorizont’s achievements. Next time I hope we will stand together at a beautiful peak”- the mountaineer writes in his Facebook post.

The Hungarian K2 Expedition started at the beginning of June, and after three successful acclimatization hike, Suhajda and his climbing partner Dávid Klein started summiting. Last week, it was still uncertain whether they could reach the top at all since the sherpa climbers above them reported very deep shroud of snow at that time. However, the two Hungarian climbers didn’t give up and continued their expedition.

During the climb, however, Klein had some health problems, he was suffering from stomach problems and nausea, so for the success of the expedition,  he decided to return to the base camp on Wednesday.

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The astounding accomplishment of Szilárd Suhajda means that only two eight-thousander mountains remain for the Hungarian mountaineer community to climb without oxygen to earn the “Crown of the Himalayas”.

The two Hungarian climbers arrives home in the next few days, and soon they will begin preparing for their newest challenge in Hungary.

Featured photo via Facebook