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The First Hungarian Gold Of Rio: Emese Szász Wins Gold Medal In Fencing

Robert Velkey 2016.08.10.

Hungary’s Emese Szász captured the first fencing gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games in the women’s individual épée on Saturday afternoon.

The Hungarian female fencer was a silver medalist at the 2010 World Championships, but this time around she would not be satisfied with any result other than gold. Her opponent in the final was world champion Rossella Fiamingo. The Italian fencer was the first to score, and until the second three minutes she dominated the match; in the beginning of the third round, however, Emese gained the upper hand over her competition and she ended with a 15-13 victory against the Italian world champion.


Szász won Hungary its third women’s individual epee gold medal in the past five Olympic Games

After the competition had ended, when someone asked Szász about the fact that she had managed to come back and win after being behind 11-7, the newly minted gold medalist said, “Oh my God? It was 11 for her? I didn’t recognize it. I had all the time all of my concentration focused on the fact that the next touché would have to be mine. “

via: index.hu; 444.hu; bbc.com
photos: 444.hu; index.hu