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The First Cheese-Bar Of The World Opened In Budapest

By Robert Velkey // 2016.02.22.


“Say Cheese to cheese” is the motto of the first cheese-bar of Budapest.

To explain it; in Hungarian language “cheese” sounds like “csíz”, a word Hungarians say when taking a picture of somebody. It means: “smile!”. So, if you are a cheese-lover or you are interested in new and exciting places, let’s give a smile for the guys in the Paneer.

The story of the Paneer is a real garage-band story in gastronomic tale. They started with a little stand in the garden of Karaván, a party place, where they  invented the legendary fried-cheese-burger named Real Cheesburger. After a while, they started to run a foodtruck on the roads of Budapest and visiting festivals. This January was the time when the company took a big step and opened the first cheese-bar, probably in the world.


The point of the bar: They make food only and exclusively from/with the cultured milk product. Have you ever tasted cheese soup? Or the famous Hungarian Mackócheese in a fried way? What about a toothsome fried emmental or fried cheddar? With some cheesy sauce of course. We used to find the best cheesecake of the world in The Cheesecake Factory, but let’s give a shot to the cake of the Paneer 🙂

After a delicious cheesy (you got it: smiley) menu you can have a fresh Julius Meinl coffee or a good pint of Bitburger beer what’s not so common in the capital, yet. You find them right in the downtown at 53 Király utca. Between the church and the strip-bar there is the way to the heaven of the cheese.


via: szeretlekmagyarorszá, facebook/paneerbudapest

photos: szeretlekmagyarorszá, facebook/paneerbudapest