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Final Goodbye for Gyula Grosics


Legendary Hungarian goalkeeper Gyula Grosics’s funeral will be held on Monday, 30 June, 14:00 at St. Stephen ‘s Basilica in the heart of Budapest. Nicknamed ‘black panther’ for his trendsetting black keeper’s jersey, Grosics was member of the Hungarian Golden Team, a generation of footballers with great international success.

Gyula Grosics, born 4 February 1926, played 86 times for the Hungarian national football team and enjoyed immense success during the 50s. He will forever be remembered for his extraordinary saves, great character and for his work done to promote Hungarian footballing. The Grosics football academy will carry on his name.

The Hungarian Football Federation (Magyar Labdarúgó Szövetség, MLSZ) in statement revealed that friends, family and fans of the Black Panther can pay their respects at the bier between 12.00 and 13.45. The funeral is set to begin at 14.00, after the public ceremony Gyula Grosics family will say goodbye in the crypt of the basilica. His final resting place will be next to the urn of former teammate and footballing legend Ferenc Puskás.

The funeral will be broadcast live on Duna Televion starting at 13.50.

Photo: Europress/AFP