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Final Exam? Excellent! – This Class Is A Bunch Of Geniuses

Robert Velkey 2017.07.03.

There is a secondary school in the southern Hungarian city of Szeged whose students are among the brightest in the whole country.

Students of the Radnóti Miklós secondary school’s 12.M class passed their final exams with incredible results. Out of 146 final exams taken, the class passed 143 with the highest possible marks. Only three of the class’s marks were “4”s, and everything else was a shining “5”.

The students of the 12 M broke their school’s record with an average score of 4.98. With this score, it is more likely than not that they are the  best in the whole country as well.

Most of the students of this “genius class” are going to study abroad next year. Some them are going to the universities of Cambridge, Warwick. Manchester and Oxford.

via: index.hu; delmagyar.hu

photos: index.hu