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FINA Budapest 2017: These Are The Venues Of The 17th World Aquatics Championships To Be Held in Hungary

Tamás Székely 2017.05.18.

The 17th edition of the FINA World Aquatics Championships will be held in Budapest and in Balatonfüred, Hungary from 14–30 July 2017. The Aquatics Championship will be the biggest sports event the country has ever hosted, bringing about 2.500 athletes of six disciplines to Hungary.

In the coming weeks, we are publishing articles about #FINABudapest2017 every week to provide our readers with a preliminary insight into the much-awaited sports event, including the history of the competition, the athletes, the disciplines, the venues, etc. Our first target is the five main locations of the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships.


A true paradise for open water swimmers, Lake Balaton, is a well-tested venue for major aquatic events. The course is located by the main promenade of resort town Balatonfüred, which offers a brilliant view of the race and the Tihany peninsula. Balaton, Central Europe’s largest fresh-water lake will be a comfortably warm and safe environment for participants. Balatonfüred is located 130 kilometres southwest from Budapest has 13.500 inhabitants.  Since the sailing centre of Balaton is located here, the longest “Tour de lake” sailing competition of Europe, “The Blue Ribbon”  also starts from Balatonfüred.



The brand-new Danube Arena consists two state-of-the-art facilities of the 2017 World Championships: a permanent building with seating capacity up to 6000 and a temporary facility, built only for the purpose of the World Championships. The main building, inaugurated in February 2017,  is designed to remain a sterling structural beauty of Budapest even after the disassembly of the temporary extension. The essential purpose of the final structure was the unique ability to fill the needs of major Hungarian water sport organizations, Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronized swimming, Diving. Additionally it should provide opportunity for the general public both for engaging in water sport activities and for water related pursuit of leisure as well.



The Hajós Alfréd National SportPool is Hungary’s first indoor swimming pool and the premiere location of domestic water sports. Additional to hosting competitors of various water sports – swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, scuba diving, modern pentathlon, triathlon –the facilities are available to the public as well. Refurbished several times, it was built in 1930, based on the plans by Hungary’s very first Olympic champion, Alfréd Hajós. Currently 8 open or closed swimming pools and international standard diving platforms, covering nearly 80000 m2, awaits professional and recreational sportsmen and women alike. The sport complex is located on Margaret Island, a spectacular scenery itself.




The legendary ice-ring in the Budapest city park (Városliget) will have a new challenge at the 2017 FINA World Championship. This venue will be the location of the synchronised competitions, which means there will be two temporary pool instead of ice on the track. ! There is the scenic view of the park, the monumental sculptures of the Heroes square, the Vajdahunyad castle nearby the track, and the historic building of the “Műcsarnok”.



Temporary pools for the High Diving discipline will be set up by Batthyány Square, alongside River Danube – just across the bank to Budapest’s most breath-taking sight, the mighty Parliament building. While more and more people discover FINA’s new discipline and watch these outstanding athletes diving from 20m and 27m (women and men respectively), the hosts are trying to offer more unique locations. The Buda embankment of the River Danube can truly guarantee a breath-taking location for the event with the Castle Hill in the background and with two of the most beautiful bridges guarding the sides.



Have you fallen in love with the venues of the Budapest 2017 FINA World Aquatics Championships? Check out the virtual tour on the event’s official website!

via fina-budapest2017.com and budapest2017.hu; featured photo: Zoltán Máthé – MTI; photos and videos: fina-budapest2017.com

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