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HUF 1.1bn Film To Portray Life And Times Of Hungary’s Legendary “Whiskey Robber”

Robert Velkey 2016.06.10.

On the 11th of June, Nimród Antal starts the shooting of his next “Hungarian” movie. The American-Hungarian filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles, California, said it will be as spectacular as his movies are in the US. I would like to make a cool movie and fortunately we can work with a very strong budget in Hungary, said the screenwriter. Although Hungarian National Film Fund supports the project with 1.1 billion forints, the film will be shot in 130 locations, with the coproduction of 50 actors during a 70-day-long filming procedure. The next upcoming movie of the American-Hungarian filmmaker is going to be the adaption of Attila Ambrus, the iconic Hungarian bank robber of the 2000s.

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Better known by the name Whiskey Robber, Attila Ambrus is a Hungarian former thief and professional ice hockey player. He became known as the “Whiskey Robber” because he was often seen drinking whiskey at a nearby pub prior to the robbery. While he later carried a gun, Ambrus never harmed anyone in his robberies, and was famous for his outlandish disguises, for presenting female tellers with flowers prior to robberies, and for sending the police bottles of wine.


He became notorious during the 1990s for committing a string of undercover “gentleman robberies” in and around Budapest, Hungary while working a day job as a professional ice hockey player. He became (in)famous in Hungary as a folk hero symbolic of the times in the decade after the introduction of capitalism to the former Communist state. Between 1993 and 1999 the whiskey robber robbed almost 30 banks and post offices. Ambrus was eventually caught and imprisoned for about 12 years, released in 2012.


During his imprisoned years he graduated on the Faculty of Communication at the University of Dunaújváros and also learned to make potteries. Nowadays, he runs a pottery business to make and sell ceramics.

The film will starring Bence Szalay as the Whiskey Robber, Piroska Móga will be his love and Zoltán Schneider will be the detective. We will present a life-path by the story of the Whiskey Robber within the good choices, mistakes and the consequences said the producer to the MTI. According to the plans the movie will be presented in cinemas at next spring in 2017.

Bence Szalay will be in the main role as the Whiskey Robber

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