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Fidesz’s Victories Continue After April’s Election

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.08.14.

Fidesz has won every by-election since its landslide victory on April 8th. The opposition parties seem unable to recover from their various scandals and poor performances during the national election.

Lőrinc Mészáros, the second richest Hungarian and former mayor of Felcsút – Viktor Orbán’s home village – has resigned from his post. His successor, the Fidesz-backed István László Mészáros, won 90 percent of the votes in July. Pásztó’s election also ended in Fidesz’s favor. Gábor Dömsödi, the opposing candidate who works in the media, wasn’t able to win the district despite his popularity.

Jobbik couldn’t even secure 2 percent of the votes in the town, as the party has been taking major hits in Nógrad county. Almost all of Jobbik’s members have left in favor of a newly formed far-right party founded by ex-Jobbik politicians and lead by László Toroczkai.

The opposition parties have practically disappeared from the political scene entirely; if they even attempt to run against Fidesz candidates, they lose. In Pásztó, out of the eight members who comprise the local council, seven came from the Fidesz-KDNP. Whereas in 2014, Fidesz received just five seats. The election was held in Szerencs, where the Fidesz nominee won 100 percent of the votes.

Opinion polls show Fidesz leading in every possible political spectrum, not just in the elections. Based on the study conducted by four major research institutions, Fidesz could receive 53 percent of the votes if the elections are held this Sunday. This number out-shoots April’s results by 5 percent. According to the polls, Jobbik has lost 5 percent of its supporters since April, LMP is weaker by 2 percent, and MSZP is stagnating.

Via: Origo.hu