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Fidesz’s Influential Former Mayor Acquires Hollóháza Porcelain Factory

Péter Cseresnyés 2020.01.28.

Former Fidesz party director, and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s influential ally, Attila Várhegyi, bought the formerly state-owned company responsible for the manufacturing of the illustrious Hungaricum, Hollóháza porcelain.

The new owner, Attila Várhegyi, introduced himself at the staff meeting of the Hollóháza Porcelain Factory on Monday, daily Szabad Pécs discovered.

He was mayor of Szolnok from 1991 to 1998 and former secretary of state for culture during the first Orbán government. He disappeared from the frontline of politics after being convicted of misappropriation, but has remained in the prime minister’s inner circle ever since.

Hollóházi Porcelain Factory Sold to Unknown Buyer at Starting Price of 175 Million

Through his and his family’s companies, Várhegyi has acquired consultant contracts mainly in the field of communication. He also has connections to local governments, government organizations, and agencies. He has also worked for the Hungarian state media (MTVA), and for Pécs’s local government, the paper writes.

The Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. (MNV) sold the 240-year-old porcelain factory for HUF 175 million (EUR 521,360) a few weeks ago, but at the time of purchase the identity of the buyer hadn’t been revealed.

The paper mentions that several people deposited the HUF 43.75 million auction security. However, Várhegyi was the only one to place a bid, therefore managing to acquire the company at the starting price.

According to Szabad Pécs, after the new owner came into the picture, experimentation started on the production of roof tiles. Presumably, the porcelain factory would produce more and more in the future for this niche in the market.