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Fidesz: Soros’ Attempts against Várhelyi Raise National Security Issues

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.12.02.

Press reports about US financier George Soros’ attempts to influence the approval procedure of new European commissioners have not been refuted, the ruling Fidesz deputy head of parliament’s national security committee said after Friday’s committee meeting.

At the meeting held behind closed doors the committee also heard reports about past attacks against Hungary’s candidate for European commissioner Olivér Várhelyi, János Halász added.

Soros’ attempts against Várhelyi also raise national security issues, he said. In line with the reports, Soros made every attempt personally and through his network and media to “torpedo the Hungarian commissioner”, he added.

DGAP Denies Soros Trying to Prevent Várhelyi’s Appointment Through Them

The European Parliament approved on Wednesday the new commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen and Várhelyi was entrusted with the portfolio of European Neighbourhood and Enlargement.

In the featured photo: János Halász of Fidesz.