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Fidesz: Ruling Parties Offer Growth

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.07.30.

Fidesz local election campaign chief Lajos Kósa has said voters will have the chance to secure development and prosperity by electing local officials allied to the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrat parties in Hungary’s October 13 local elections.

He said the opposition, by contrast, offered nothing more locally than a “battlefield” on which to wage a war against the ruling parties. Kósa told a press conference on Tuesday that signatures to stump candidates will be collected in 25 days’ time.

President Áder Sets Date of 2019 Local Elections

Fidesz expects to nominate 1,200 mayoral candidates in around four-fifths of the country, which means 7.6 million voters will be able to choose Fidesz or government-backed candidates, he said. Fully 6,000-7,000 local candidates will be competing across the country and there will be more candidates than in 2014. Fidesz, he added, will be running more candidates than any other party.

Jobbik Accepts Outcome of Budapest Local Election Opposition Preselection

Fully 100,000 activists will be supporting Fidesz’s campaign from August 23, and Viktor Orbán, the prime minister and Fidesz leader, will also be involved in the party’s nationwide campaign, he said. Kósa said the aim was to make Hungary one of Europe’s most liveable countries within the foreseeable future and Hungarian towns and villages would accordingly conform to European standards.

Meanwhile, he noted that Fidesz will hold a congress to elect officials in late September.

Featured photo by Márton Mónus/MTI.