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Fidesz Parlt Group Backs Orbán Proposal to Create Interior Ministers’ Council to Protect Schengen Zone

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.03.10.

Ruling Fidesz’s parliamentary group has voiced support for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s proposal to put the matter of protecting the Schengen borders from migration into the hands of an interior ministers’ council for the Schengen zone.

In a radio interview to public Kossuth Radio on Friday, Orbán said that “since the European Commission has not been able to cope with migration”, relevant decisions should be “returned to the nation states which can resolve the problem”. He said that a population boom outside Europe, wars and climate change will exacerbate the problem in the coming years. “If we close our eyes, we will end up as those in the West” where migrants have now become voters and “Europe’s Left is now serving their interests”, he said.

Fidesz parliamentary group leader Máté Kocsis said on Saturday in the western Hungarian town of Balatonfüred that the party group supports the proposal to “take the task from Brussels… as it was unwilling and incapable of performing it.”

The countries directly interested in protecting the Schengen borders, and their interior ministers, know the ways and means to do so, he said.

The proposal also says that the European Commission should refund half of the member states’ border protection costs, Kocsis said.

This way, nation states’ competencies would expand, and Europe would become a safer place, he insisted.