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Fidesz: Opposition Momentum ‘Soros-financed, Pro-migration Extremists’

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.11.18.

The opposition Momentum Movement “is the new SZDSZ”, a Fidesz parliamentary group spokesman said on Saturday, referring to the defunct liberal party that used to govern in coalition with the Socialists in various periods before 2010.

János Halász told a press conference that Momentum was “openly against the nation”.

“[Momentum] is the new SZDSZ, invested with gross foreign influence and openly hostile to policies of national cohesion,” he said.

He said that Momentum had campaigned for Romanian parties rather than ethnic Hungarian ones, and this was also true of its activities in Slovakia.

Momentum, the Fidesz politician added, “also attacks Hungarian interests in Brussels, and it is one of the wildest pro-migration liberal extremists” in the European Parliament.

“They even write letters to NATO and the US Congress hostile to Hungary. It’s no secret their money comes from [US financier George] Soros and their leaders are full of people raised in the Soros network,” he said.

Meanwhile, Halász said Fidesz backed the proposal to raise the salary of the President of the Republic. The salary has not increased in the last ten years, he added.

Asked about press reports that companies linked to Lőrinc Mészáros had won a contract in connection with a planned athletics centre, he said it was not certain the facility would be built. He noted that Budapest had applied for to host the World Athletics Championships, and preparations for the project are under way, and he urged Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony to make a declaration on whether indeed a stadium — which is needed for the event to go ahead — would be built.